Regional EMS Councils:


There are 18 Regional EMS Councils. Each council is comprised of representatives of local ambulance services, physicians, nurses, hospitals and other EMS organizations. The county EMS coordinator shall serve as an ex-officio member of the council. The purpose of the councils are to allow for and foster regional cooperation and organization of local EMS systems. The council's regional authority and responsibilities are outlined in Section 3003 of Article 30. This organization is your direct link to the state EMS council and to the department. Your participation is welcome and encouraged.


The Big Lakes EMS Council is comprised of representatives from Orleans, Niagara and Genesee Counties.

Contact us or attend our meetings to discuss EMS issues.

Chapter 552 of the Laws of 1998 (Article 30 Public Health Law, Section 3000-B) authorizes the establishment of Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) programs. In an effort to reduce the number of deaths associated with sudden cardiac arrest, this law was enacted to ensure the greater proliferation of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) throughout the state. The more AEDs that are available to the public, the higher the likelihood of saving a cardiac arrest patient's life. By establishing a PAD program in your organization, the life saved by a PAD could be your friend's, your family member's or even your own.


Send your Application, Collaborative Agreement and Protocol to:

Attn: Big Lakes REMSCO - PAD
Lake Plains Community Care Network
575 East Main Street
Batavia, NY 14020

 2016 Officers

Wade Schwab
Vice Chair: Steve Cooley
Treasurer: Cheryl Confer
Trustee 1(Genesee County):  Sean Downing
Trustee 2 (Niagara County):  Luca Quagliano
Trustee 3 (Orleans County):  Kristin McAdoo
At Large:  John Malinchock







Certificate of Need (CON) Applications - Public Access